Realisations in Colour

Moving on to the final MA project I am concentrating on vibrant colour and gestural markmaking. Adding and taking away colour areas to create depth and texture. Experimentation into the unknown.

When printmaking the chosen colours remain just that.

Digital print onto the fabric was dissapointing with some of the colours, in comparison to the original monoprints.

This week I tried using a discharge paste for the first time.  The paste was screen printed onto the digitally printed fabric I created for the concepts module. Colour was added to two of the fabric pieces, a bright blue and a bright pink. The other was white. The bright blue over the blue digital print came out a sort of brownish green (not shown). The bright pink came out shocking pink with slight tonal variations in colour where the blue digital print varied. The white on the green digital print came out bright yellow, which was a complete surprise but a happy one. Here is the result of the pink and white (yellow) and the markmaking from which the screen was made.

The plan next week is to work onto these a little more with some orange discharge paste. Also, using the same markmaking, create some monoprint and devore pieces.

A quick devore sample

I am very pleased at the moment with how these pieces are looking. It has been a struggle to get to this point and create something like the colours in the original monoprints.

Colour is the theme for the realisation module. How we look at colour in different ways How it can trigger different emotions and sense of place to each individual. The memories of a day spent somewhere may be triggered by a colour and texture and the emotions that were felt on that day.



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