After the winter artist block period I finally produced something for the final show. Having looked at many aspects of dyeing and printing the final concept pieces had to be printed digitally mainly because of lack of time to buy metres of quality fabric. The pieces for the concepts module were printed on a beautiful twill silk. The colours in the main piece were vibrant but the green and blue smaller pieces were disappointingly duller than the monoprints they were printed from.

It’s by no means regretful that the fabric had to be digitally printed because it has given me more ambition to hand paint the pieces for the final realisation module of the MA. At least the idea is there to work on now. As soon as the dissertation is completed printing and painting will commence!

The work is hanging ready for assessments and I wait in anticipation that enough was done.

The new work is getting closer to the vision I original had when the textile MA was just a thought.


Monoprints inspired by weave, woodblocks, hand weave and jaquard weave, digitally printed twill silk. my glasses!


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