MA Textile Journey

Welcome to my blog

Here I will keep a regular update on my journey into textiles at the University of Derby where I am four weeks into my Masters in Fashion and Textiles.

Project Proposal

Textiles inspired by the Rugged Rural Landscape of Derbyshire

Kinder Scout, Derbyshire


Keeping a working sketchbook will be an important part of my working process. It will be the core upon which all ideas will be based.

A recent project, based on 70th anniversary of independence in India, inspired me to investigate the intricate and multilayered techniques used for Indian wood block printed fabrics. This led me to create some woodblocks incorporating some of my own designs. It also encouraged me to investigate the types of dyes used in India as well as natural plant dyes used in the UK. This is something I merely touched upon but plan to look into this further.

As a printmaker I am drawn to surface patterns and textures. I recently looked at some of the current trends where the earthy colours and distressed elements of some of the fabrics gave them life and texture resonating with the rough and rugged landscape of the dark and white peaks of Derbyshire where I regularly walk.


After four weeks of mind boggling theory I have finally started on some experimental practical work.   Next week I will be having my first go at Japanese Shibori  dying with indigo.  I have spent today preparing some cotton fabric with stitching and rubber bands. I am looking forward to see how these turn out. I am hoping that the first one in the picture will be a bit like water ripples but we shall have to wait and see.


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